U Channel Posts

· Posts are manufactured conforming to FHWA and ATSSA standard.

· Steel material conforms to ASTM A499, Grade 60.

· All kinds of specification including · 1.12lbs/ft, 2.00lbs/ft, 2.03lbs/ft, 2.08lbs/ft, 2.10lbs/ft, 2.25lbs/ft, 2.50lbs/ft and more.

· 3/8" or 7/16"diameter holes on 1"or 2" centers, punched full-length.

· Available in hot-dipped galvanized, powder coated or painted. Galvanized by hot dipping per ASTM A123.

· Tapered ends are also available.  

· Available in any length according to your demand.

· Yield and tensile strength: 60,000-80,000 psi.