Vineyard/Orchard Posts

U channel vineyard posts are popular and widely used in vineyards, orchards, farms and shade structures, and they can be used for hail protection systems at the same time. Compared to traditional wooden post systems, it has far more advantages thanks to its design and easy set-up, strong and long life.


· High strength steel material.

· All kinds of specification including 1.12lbs/ft, 2.00lbs/ft, 2.03lbs/ft, 2.08lbs/ft, 2.10lbs/ft, 2.25lbs/ft, 2.50lbs/ft and more.

· 3/8" or 7/16"diameter holes on 1"or 2" centers, punched full-length.

· Available in plain, hot-dipped galvanized, powder coated, painted.

· Tapered ends are available as per request.  

· Available in any length according to your demand.