Requirements for dealers:


1. Put client and service at first: 

All our products conform to the standards of USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and other relevant countries. We are committed to creat the perfect experience for our customers with the best quality and service. Hope that our dealers have the same philosophy.


2. Want to lower cost and aggressive in price:
We assure our prices competitive through the following items:

* Almost zero stock.

* Fast cash flow.
* Rich experience to reduce raw material waste and keep high production efficiency.

* Best raw material price’s discount due to our large amount.


3. Want to make more money:

Better Products Co.’s good quality, crazy price and perfect service have helped several dealers to get great success.


4. Sincerity, responsibility, long-term plan for each client
If you meet the above conditions, the next thing you need to do is email or call us.

Make today the first step of a long and successful journey with a Better Products Co.'s dealership.